According to reports, both the season five trailer for Game of Thrones and the last two episodes of season four will get a week-long run in IMAX theaters later this month. Yes, that means a jumbo-sized fight for The Wall. No, you shouldn't feel bad about doing an excited little involuntary clap right now.


While reliving the last two episodes of last season is enticing on its own, the trailer might be what makes the trip worth it. So far we've seen tantalizingly little of what season five might hold, aside from, well, whatever this is:


And an equally ambiguous 17-second teaser here:

That is not enough to slake my thirst! And if my thirst is going to be slaked at all, it might as well be on the biggest screen I can find.

The viewings will be spread over 150 IMAX theaters in North America starting January 23rd, and will run through the 29th. It's the first time a TV series will be released in the format, which makes total sense, as much as I love me some All in the Family. [EW]

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