Garmin GPSMAP 376c - GPS+XM = Heaven

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Garmin has announced a new all-in-one GPS unit that uses standard global positioning, XMWX Satellite Weather and XM Satellite Radio. A true all-in-one would be able to additionally make my high-balls, but until Garmin adds a shaker, this will do. The XMWX will give all kinds of information, including NEXRAD radar that displays in full color goodness. Navigation, weather and uncensored satellite radio—what more could a gas-guzzling SUV driver ask for?

GPSMAP 376c [Orbitcast]

UPDATE - Also now available is the Garmin FPSMAP 396 aviation version. This model takes all of the great features of the 376 and adds enough aviation information so even an infant could fly the plane (Gizmodo is not responsible for bad parenting if an infant were actually allowed to pilot a plane). The aviation information is processed in conjunction with the XMWX weather and mapping. More information can be found at the Product Page.
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