Garth Brooks Launches iTunes Competitor "GhostTunes" Because Why Not

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Notorious friend to drunks and keen observer of meteorological phenomena, Garth Brooks, is finally putting his entire musical catalogue online—by launching his very own iTunes alternative, GhostTunes.

Made special for the cowboys and rebels among us, GhostTunes will give artists "the ability to sell their music in ways never seen before." What that might actually mean is never quite explained, but let's not get caught up in details. Here's your new, iTunes-killing logo:


Or, what happens when Alienware and the ghost from Pacman have a baby.

If you, too, would like to become a GhostTunes artist/maverick, you can apply at the GhostTunes website. The selection for now is fairly thin, but hey—there is plenty of Garth Brooks. [LA Times]


Image via AP