Gateway's Show Us Your Spots contest is at an end, and the winner is picked: some kid named Matt, who permanently brands himself a Gateway fanatic, all to win the system and spite his jerk friend Billy who calls him a Noob all the time. (Guess it worked.) Check out the runners-up, and our impressions of their noble but misguided attempts:

Cow rapper guy is funny, but you know he can't win because all that dancing at the end only leaves his viewers scarred for life:

We're glad we watched Redneck Slip-n-Slide before YouTube introduced smell-o-vision. Still, we think that cat has the right idea (get outta the way!!!):


We commend the boys behind "Our Great Heights" for their professed love of cheese and the high risk to their nads:

OK, now this one is just gross:

Nice work, dudes. You all deserved, well, something. [Contest Site]