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Sick and tired of waiting for the iPhone? BluEye lets you make and take calls from your iPod. It also gives you a remote control with a microphone inside, Bluetooth connectivity between iPod and cellphone, and stops that iPod music when a phone call comes in, showing you the caller ID info on the iPod screen. There's also a clip to hold that remote and mic right where you need it.

For this product, Gear4 teamed up with Mavizen, a company that already thought of this idea, and now Gear4 adds FM radio to the mix, plus the BluEye draws power from the iPod itself instead of its own rechargeable battery. This latest iteration will be available in black or white in the UK first for 49.99 ($94).


Hey wait a minute: doesn't this baby include all of the features the iPod is missing? If it didn't require the extra paraphernalia, this would be an elegant augmentation for the iPod's shortcomings.

Product Page [Gear4]

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