GeCube Genie PC, Eee Clone with a Special Talent

It's fair to call the GeCube an Asus Eee PC clone. With a 7" screen, 2GB of flash storage, Linux backbone and that form factor, I mean, c'mon. The 2.1lb computer does have two things going for it though. It has a splash proof keyboard and...what could the special talent be? (We have a neat picture...)


OMG ITS HEAD POPPED OFF! We kid, the screen can be detached from the keyboard but retains full computer functionality. Now if the GeCube had combined that idea with a touchscreen, many of us would be pretty excited right now. Instead, the GeCube uses a trackpad on the back side (identical to the one on the keyboard). While still not a bad idea by any means, for $450, we wish they'd have splurged for stylus controls. [clubic]

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