Geniuses at AT&T Rush Out a Package with Only a Plastic Bag Inside

We've shown you irresponsible shipping before, but this one takes the cake. Brett from TUAW ordered a refurbed 16GB iPhone. He got (and was charged) for two by accident. OK, that's annoying enough. But the next day he received another package from AT&T. It was shipped 2-day via DHL. Inside? One empty plastic bag, complete with an invoice for "75011 MISC iPhone PPA BAG ... $0.00."


Seriously, how does this happen? I know a lot of shipping is automated these days, but was there not a single person along the way who noticed that a package was going out with only a bag inside? Rush, no less! And how many times do things like this happen? It's probably not an isolated incident if a writer from a prominent Apple blog happened to be on the receiving end of it. If you're wondering where all those surcharges on your AT&T bill are going to, consider it a "We're a poorly run company" tax to pay for garbage like this. [TUAW]

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