Gentle Purr of the iCat

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No, this isn't a cousin of the CueCat, nor is it Apple's attempt at a robotic pet (though wouldn't that be hilarious?). The iCat is another robot with facial expressions — designed by Philips to stimulate and study Human-Robot interaction. It's equipped with a camera, a microphone, a speaker, and a variety of touch sensors and multi-color LEDs, to help the robot interact more fully with its human counterparts and gain some semblance of a "personality."

It's also an effort by Philips to create a "smart companion" for the home. It'll assist you in daily tasks such as "sending messages, accessing daily information, selecting your favorite music, photos and video or even guarding your home." All my cat can do is lick itself. I'd trade it in, if only the yellow iCat didn't look so much like a claymation action figure.

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