Geometric Terrariums Are a Gorgeous Excuse to Buy a Cactus

Illustration for article titled Geometric Terrariums Are a Gorgeous Excuse to Buy a Cactus

If keeping even a little piddly goldfish alive is beyond your care-taking capabilities, well then you have a perfect excuse to buy one of these gorgeous, geometric terrariums! Yay for you.


Seriously, though.

These are beautiful. So beautiful, I'm almost considering becoming a plant person.

Ranging in price from $140 to $360, these hanging and freestanding pane-glass terrariums and planters will be available for purchase from Score and Solder as of this Friday. [Inhabitat]


As an art/design science student, I feel obligated to correct you: these terrariums are not geodesic.

The left and right are just some unnamed geometric shapes (as far as I'm aware), and the one in the middle is an Icosahedron - a 20-sided polyhedron with equilateral triangles for faces. The source also shows a Dodecahedron (12-sided polyhedron with pentagons for faces) and a Rhombic Dodecahedron (12-sided polyhedron with rhombuses for faces).

These Platonic and Catalan solids have specific mathematical properties that make them special.

A geodesic dome is a polyhedron with uneven-legged triangles (albeit approaching equilateral) for faces. It is an attempt at approximating a dome or sphere with flat planes, and does not have the same characteristics as the shapes above.