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Geotagging Photos on a Budget: ATP GPS Gadget Does It Like a Card Reader

Illustration for article titled Geotagging Photos on a Budget: ATP GPS Gadget Does It Like a Card Reader

If you're a keen geotagger of your imagery, then a recently announced $150 device from ATP Electronics may be just the ticket. Dubbed the GPS Photo Finder, it works in a rather carefree way: you just have to carry it around with you while you're shooting, and then insert your memory card into it, before you download your photos. All it does is work out where you were for each photo from its position log, and then embed that data into the JPEG files directly.


Built-in card reading works with MMC/SD and MemoryStick Duo, but the clever little box also has on-the-go USB functionality so it can interface with some digital cameras without needing a PC. Currently it works with JPEG files only, though that's the convenient format most of us use anyway. And if you're worried about correctly setting your camera time to synchronize with it accurately, then don't: it's got a small screen and can give you UTC GPS time.

[ATP via Webwire]

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@bmoctta: When you insert the memory card, it compares the time-stamp on the picture file to it's log of where you were at that time. I guess you just need to make sure it's powered on while you're taking pictures.