German Bargain Hunters Conned Into Buying Bag of "Potato iPods"

Illustration for article titled German Bargain Hunters Conned Into Buying Bag of "Potato iPods"

A group of German bargain hunters, obviously thinking they had stumbled upon the iPod deal of the century, would do best to stop bargain hunting because they're about as dumb as the sack of potatoes they now possess.


The con was simple (and old): A group of British con men showed the German bargain hunters a few iPods, laptops and other gear as "proof" of their authenticity; offered to sell them hundreds of second hand iPods at basement prices; and then proceeded to hand over a 4-lb. sack filled with potatoes instead.

They made off with about $972 for their efforts, along with the knowledge that they probably took advantage of people who were about to take those "iPods" and resell them again for a high markup. Too bad, so sad!

Regardless, the Polizei are on the case, and there no doubt will be a very large, bitter serving of German potato salad on someone's dinner table very soon—provided the authorities return their hard-earned wares, now evidence, in a timely fashion (pictured). [Orange - Thanks, Sigurd]


Nice camera bag. I'd give them $10 u.s. for that.