Get all up in the chicken-fish face of Green Lantern's alien Tomar-Re

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Here's a brand new look at the infamous space cop and crafty Green Lantern trainer Tomar-Re. Looks good, real good. So how is it that a half-fish alien can look infinitely better than Ryan Reynold's super suit?

Thanks for Comic Book Movies for spotting this little gem. In case you didn't know Tomar-Re is an alien from the planet Xudar. In the comics he looked a little something like this...


Tomar-Re trains new Green Lantern Corps members, and fights injustice across his sector. He's a beloved member of the Green Lanterns. He's a scientist, a dear friend of Abin Sur's and the first Green Lantern Hal meets on Oa at Corps headquarters‎ (which you can see additional images of here).


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