With so many hurricanes and earthquakes and tsunamis and 2012 only being a year away, I wouldn't blame you for preparing for the end of the world. So feel free to buy the Noah Disaster Shelter, a gigantic yellow pod that can house 4 people.

It costs a pretty penny at $3,900 but think about how safe you'll feel (and the money you'll make) when 3 of your closest friends (or family members) come a knockin'. It's an investment people! The Noah Disaster Shelter, created by New CosmoPower, protects up to 4 people. There's a pole to hold on to and room for pillows to make it a wee bit more comfortable too. No one ever said a tsunami is luxurious.

The pod is resistant to impact and water so you can float around your destroyed city until stuff calms down. Think of it as a modern day version of Noah's ark, except you can't re-create civilization with it. I guess saving yourself is enough! [Asahi via DVICE]


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