Get This App That Lets You Secretly Save Snapchats While You Still Can

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Dick pic enthusiasts and general voyeurs, rejoice! The new app SnapHack lets you effortlessly download any Snap (pic and video alike) without the person on the other end ever having any idea that their privacy has just been demolished.


The more traditional way of making the ephemeral Snaps permanent has been to take a screenshot—assuming your fingers are fast enough. The obvious downside here, though, is that taking a screenshot within Snapchat alerts the sender to your misdeed. And no one wants that. SnapHack, however, lets you creep totally in private.

Once you download the app, just log in with your Snapchat credentials, and you'll see a screen of all your past and current Snaps. The ones you have yet to pen will show a preview picture, which you can then click on to both view and download within the app. Because even if you open the picture within SnapHack, it will still read as unopened in the official Snapchat world.

The app isn't perfect, though, and you'd have to really want it to use it on any sort of regular basis. Logging into SnapHack logs you out of Snapchat and vice versa. Plus, you can't receive any new Snaps while you're in the SnapHack app, so there's a whole lot of going back and forth to make it work.

If this sounds like everything you've been waiting for, though, better jump on it now. Chances are, it won't last in the App Store for very long, and the minds behind Snapchat are sure to put a stop to whatever loophole makes SnapHack possible. So go forth and prosper, ye peeping Toms of the internet—before it's too late. [iTunes via iDownload Blog]


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