Get Your DNA Analyzed for $99

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Ever wonder if Dad's grandiose claims of Khan blood hold water? Or if you have a genetic predisposition to Psoriasis? Get your DNA analyzed by 23andMe. Ordinarily, that's a $500 proposition, but we can hook it up for 99 bucks.

To get your special deal, click here and enter the code GIZMODO99. Then the company will send you a kit, which contains a special test tube that you get to spit into like this:

Genome giz vid 2

Once you FedEx back your biohazard bag, you wait: 6 - 8 weeks for 23andMe's lab to analyze and genotype your DNA. During that time, you can poke around the forums on 23andMe's site and nerd out about which ancestral population you hope you come from and what you'd do if you discovered you had a genetic marker for Restless Leg Syndrome. (Hint: nothing.)


But one thing you should consider before you buy is that there is a small bit of fine print: When you buy the kit, you also have to sign up 12 months of 23andMe's Personal Genome Service at $5 a month. That's still a 68-percent discount, so it shouldn't be too hard to stomach. Also, the Service keeps you up to date on the latest genetic news and stuff.


I'd still do it. I did, actually.