Getting Videos Into Your 5G iPod For Free

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

This was bound to happen: People everywhere have discovered how to get their DVD movies and TV shows onto the new video iPod for free. And really, it's not that different from ripping a movie onto the PSP, except for a different transfer process. For starters, we found this excellent HOWTO from Mark Pilgrim on how to rip DVD movies to your iPod on the Mac side, which requires a download of MacTheRipper and HandBrake (Look ma, no Quicktime Pro!). The former will rip the DVD, while the latter will convert the movie to an iPod readable format. There's also this trick on how to do it on the Windows side from dapreview, which is basically the same method as with the PSP (using DVD Decrypter and AutoGK), but ending with using Quicktime 7 Pro instead of PSPVideo9. But it turns out you don't need Quicktime Pro anyway — we received this email from reader David on how to get TV Shows from his ReplayTV to his video iPod using just PSPVideo9 (we're assuming you can do the same with TiVo To Go with a few minor changes). Instructions after the jump.

Because of my frustration with QuickTime Pro process, and because I have a PSP (I love new gadgets), I decided to try and use the output PSP format and see if it would work for iTunes and IPod guess did. (The software will also work to convert any MPEG-2 format to IPod, you don't need to have a PSP for this to work).

Here is the recipe for simple success

1- Download your video from your ReplayTV using DVArchive (shareware on Sourceforge) or just find some MPEG-2 Video you have hanging around

2- Use PSPVideo9 (shareware - donate if you can - I am not in anyway affiliated with them)

(you can choose the best setting ie. 30fps + best audio setting (or you can choose lesser quality for smaller file size you have a big IPod drive go for it)

3- Use the File Open and point to the converted video

4- drag and drop to your new IPod (video version)

I used highest quality recording setting on my ReplayTV, and used highest conversion setting on PSPVideo 9 software a resulting Seinfeld episode was about 630mb (which is nothing for my 30GB IPod).

The video is stunning and while many may think they couldn't watch a show on the screen, it is absolutely incredible.

One other quick insight to share. Apple suggests you use QuickTime Pro (29.99) and then purchase the MPEG-2 plug in (another 19.99). Inform people don't try this. I did both and the real issue is that you need to select a "export to IPod" option and whether it is a .MOV or an MPEG-2, 1 minute of video took me over 45 minutes to convert on a Windows PC with 2.8ghz Pentium 4 processor which was unacceptable. The above conversion using PSPVideo 9 software for a 30 minute video was 16 minutes.


Now wasn't that insightful? You could also use this free Videora Converter that will convert any video you have into the H.264 format (for Windows only). There are also many other places you can download pre-formatted videos for your iPod, via several bittorrent servers for example. So there you have it: You're no longer tied to video podcasts, music videos, and $1.99 TV shows that you didn't like much anyway. Go ahead and stick it to the man.

HOWTO Rip DVD Movies to Your iPod [Diveintomark]

How To: Get Video from DVD [dapreview]



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