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Give 'Em The Finger Headset

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is another Bluetooth headset device, and yes it looks stupid. This "headset" is worn on the finger. Nothing revolutionary about it—simply put your finger up to your ear (or in your nose) when you want to have a conversation. This silly finger-jobby does have some cool features. It utilizes a type of bone vibration technology. The speaker sends vibrations through your finger that are accepted and recognized by the ear (which is why it works when inserted in the nose). Ask your doctor or pharmacist to clarify exactly how this works. Also the microphone works in a similar fashion, you can speak softly and the device picks up the vibrations and transmits them to the ear (or nose) of the person on the other end. It seems that this would be really "handy" (admit it, you laughed) in really populous or loud environments.

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