Illustration for article titled Giz Commenter Meetup: Watchmen on 3/7 in NYC

Looking to hang out with some fellow Giz readers? Also looking to see Watchmen but have no friends to see it with? Let us solve both problems for you. Updated


OMG! Ponies, Kaiser-Machead, Get 'Em SteveDave and '92 BuickLeSabre are organizing a commenter meetup based around the 6pm showing of Watchmen at Lincoln Square on March 7th. This isn't an official Gizmodo event, and I don't think any editors are able to make it, but that shouldn't stop you from going.

Interested? Shoot Ponies (nee Matthew Baron) a private message using our little system here or email him at And may the force be with you all (that's what this movie is about, right?).


Update: OK, so the boneheads scheduled this without checking to see if the movie was sold out, which it is. So just read the comments below and they'll get everything sorted out, or harass Ponies at the email above and he'll let you know what's what.

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