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Giz Weekend Roundup: What You Missed by Having a Life

Illustration for article titled Giz Weekend Roundup: What You Missed by Having a Life

How did you spend your weekend? With your family, perhaps? Maybe you were outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. You could have been working on a project, such as rebuilding a car engine or writing some short fiction. Those are all such noble activities, but you know what? You totally blew it by not sitting in front of the computer and reading Giz. You missed some good stuff, and you have no one but yourself to blame. Your family can wait: Gadgets come first.


But don't worry, we're looking out for you. Here's a rundown of the best stuff you missed, so go ahead and get caught up. We'll wait.

- Exclusive Pics of the Vudu - Video Store In A Box : Say hello to Vudu, the upcoming VOD box that you'll be hearing a whole heck of a lot more about in the coming months.
-Sony Goes Nuts at European God of War II Release Party: Topless women, animal sacrifice and video games. Enough said.


-JVC DD-3 DivX Networked Home Theater Unboxed, Groped Then Re-boxed (Gallery Included): Networked home theater in a box, groped until it could be groped no more.
-NYTimes Confirms Google Phone: Until Google denies it again, at least.
-Xbox 360 Elite on Sale Today: I know you already have an Xbox 360, but come on, this one's black!
-Hands-On: Sony's All-in-One WA1 Audio Streamer: We got some face time with Sony's Wi-Fi boom box.

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I spent my weekend starting at some nice spandexed bottoms (and some REALLY nice ones at that) as I biked for 62 miles