Sony Goes Nuts at European God of War II Release Party

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Sony really knows how to party. It wasn't enough to have topless ladies at the God of War II European unveiling, they had to go and decapitate a goat and put it on display. Not only that, they invited visitors to stick their hands down the neck, grab out some intestines (not the goat's own, they were procured elsewhere and shoved inside), and eat them. Fantastic.


Best yet, the entire thing was documented in their official PlayStation magazine, whose 80,000 print run has been recalled thanks to the stunt. Nice work Sony. Next time, just call it a day after you get the nude ladies.

Slaughter: Horror at Sony's depraved promotion stunt with decapitated goat [DailyMail]


Although this is a pretty...sick and unusual advertising strategy, I still think people are totally over-reacting. I highly doubt Sony would kill a live goat instead of getting an already-dead one, if those were peoples' concerns...

That aside, I do believe Sony's advertising department should be fired (the PSP ads, the PS3 ads, and more recently this), the strategies they use are really just stupid methods of showing off a product and wouldn't really make me want to buy the product were I the casual gamer type...

And, the people complaining about the game's violence, this is nothing new. I don't recall people boycotting the first GoW because of of it's violence...of course, I'm sure people did, I just don't remember. Nor do I recall people ever boycotiing horror movies, which have WAY more realistic violence than ANY video game will EVER have. Again, I'm sure people have, I just don't remember.

I won't be boycotting Sony because of their dumbass marketing department. I still like their systems and hope that they one day wise up and get some different people doing their ad management.

Just my two-cents.