Gizmodo Japan: Automatic Human Washing Machine

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Those who see showering as an inefficient process in obvious need of technical innovation should be delighted by the Avant "Santelubain 999" automatic personal washing machine. Upon slipping inside the clamshell-chic device, users will find a variety of functions at their fingertips including everything from "Body Shampoo & Shower," and "Sound Therapy," to the decidedly Japanese "Seaweed Pack."

Japanese beauty and health site has published a first-hand report of the washer which, when run through google translate, results in a perfectly appropriate engrish account of the experience: "The ah which is true. The smut it is, don't you think? it is is. The ho it is with the washer we would like to see!" -JM

Advertisement Report (Google Japanese to English)
Avant - Santelubain 999

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