Gizmodo Japan: Casio G'zOne Type-R

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I stopped by the KDDI Designing Studio this week and had a look at the fresh new models from AU — if you're going to get down and play around with these phones, this is the place to do it. On offer: Sanyo's W32SA, Toshiba's W31T (part of the WIN series of broadband phones, the slim white model feels sooo right), and the one that is getting the most attention, the Casio G'zOne Type-R. This updated version of the old G'zOne series continues the lines tradition of rough and rugged, with your usual impact protection and water resistance, but also features an electronic compass (for all those Tokyo kids who obviously are in dire need of such an add-on). It comes in 3 colors (yellow flag, red zone, and black mark), with varying protruding plastic ends.

A view of the inside [with Type-R badging from the factory! -Ed.] after the jump.