Gizmodo Japan: Digital Cowboy HDD Media Player

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This may look like a typical external hard drive, but it would be foolish trusting appearances when dealing with a name like "Movie Cowboy." What lies underneath the unassuming facade, is a self-contained media player that not only reads from a hard-drive of your choice (not-included), but will also let you browse and play media from a networked PC. Out of the box it's capable of playing mpeg-1/2, mp3, wma, ogg, and wav files as well as ripped DVD image formats (VOB/IFO/ISO) from DVDs that you presumably downloaded own, of course. Outputs include s-video, component video, and digital optical audio outputs, and to complete the package it comes with a slick little remote. It's too bad they didn't include wifi network support for those of us that don't want to snake ethernet cables across the living room. -JM

Movie Cowboy