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This image was lost some time after publication.

Flights were delayed, baggage was lost and we already look like it's day four. But here we are, live blogging CES 2006 like nobody's business.


The Guerrilla Geek Squad, starting on the far right:

-Vince Veneziani, reformed hackaday grunt from Philly, specializes in videogame contraptions, DAPs and landing the ladies.


-Joel Johnson, a man who needs no introduction 'round these here parts. Now the editor of Consumerist, we thank him for bringing a decent camera, a flask full of Maker's Mark and his serious street cred.

-Travis Hudson, aka Kansas, is our man from the midwest. United lost his luggage (those bastards). He is a CES virgin.

-Noah Robischon, that's me. Chief cat wrangler, maker of rain, robotics fan, at your service.

Not pictured:

-John Biggs, Gizmodo editor extraordinaire, is at home changing diapers and keeping the rest of us on point.


-Tobey Grumet, representing the X chromosome, cellphone expert, bringer of the embargoed news releases, is also working from the home base and catching all the items that almost slip past us.

If you are at CES and want to meet up, drop a line to and save some time on Friday after the show.


over and out.

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