Gizmodo's Top 5 Hacker Vids

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We have to hand it to Muslix64. Not only is he leading the charge against HD DVD's AACS protection, but he's taping his way to the finish line (assuming he succeeds in cracking the AACS DRM). So in honor of today's news, we've rounded up our 5 all-time favorite hacker videos. Some hacks are more complicated than others, but we're basing it on the video itself and not so much the hack. Make sure to vote for your favorites in the comments section.


Topping our list is...

1) HD DVD's AACS Protection Cracked
I don't know if it's the soundtrack or the fact that someone proved those DRM knuckleheads in Hollywood wrong (again), but this video is simply put, amazing.

2) Wiimote Controlled Smarthome
If this doesn't make you wanna buy a Wii, I don't know what will. Major props to LiquidIce for putting this lengthy video together along with the accompanying Euro-techno soundtrack.

3) Gutted Teddy Bear Reincarnated Inside Robosapien Body
Of all the hacker vids I've seen, this is the only one that I find disturbing, albeit in a mad scientist let-me-try-that kind of way.


4) One-Click DVD Rips and Backups
Automating your DVD rips to a simple mouse click is cool, but making a video of it while listening to Sufjan Stevens is even cooler. Major props to our sister blog for this one.

5) Matt Haughey MacSaber Video
Technically this isn't a hack, but Matt Haughley's dead-serious gaze in this MacSaber video still cracks me up months after the first watch.


Honorable Mention

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

How to Hack an ATM
Unfortunately the YouTube police took this one down, but those who saw it learned how to get their ATM to print out customized receipts.


Gizmodo's Top 5 Hacker Vids [Gizmodo]

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