Glide wins the race to work around the iPhone's crippled Web 2.0 support—word processing ahoy. [InfoWeek/Yahoo!]


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Please don't bring the "standards" argument into this. Flash is a standard. Java is a standard. HTML 1.0 is a standard. Ajax isn't some magical creation that stands above them all, it's just javascript + xml working together in a way that occasionally doesn't suck. Standards, especially web standards, aren't the ultimate answer to the ultimate question, they're an attempt by a group to assert control or at least some semblance of order to an aspect of technology. Watching people use them as an excuse for some ridiculous holier-than-thou argument gets a little tiresome.

Apple getting rid of Flash on their site when their new toy doesn't support flash isn't a death knell for the software or an indication that it shouldn't be supported, it's an indication that Apple is smart enough to cover its butt by not having content on their site that said toy cannot access.

Love my iphone. Wish it could handle Flash. 'Nuff said.