Global Warming Mug: Do Nothing and the Problem's Solved

Do you still think there's no such thing as global warming? This $10.95 coffee mug will graphically demonstrate that abstract concept for you, because when you pour a hot liquid into it, Florida disappears, half the eastern seaboard is underwater and shorelines recede all over the world.

But never fear. Once you've finished drinking that coffee, or if you just leave it sitting there to cool off, all goes back to normal, and all is right with the world. So let's see, what do we learn from this? Do nothing, and global warming will magically go away? Or when the polar ice melts, if we all get together and drink enough seawater, New York will no longer be submerged?

Product Page [via treehugger]

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I have a weather staton in West Milford, NJ 1000 FT up and there has been a big increase in snowfall since 1993 at my station. The greenhouse effect is real and I believe it will lead to an Ice Age as the melting ice cap freezes the gulf stream.