Gmail Chat Getting File Transfers Soon

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Over at the Google Blog today they've announced new file transfer capabilities in iGoogle and orkut. That's fun! But what I'm most excited about is their promise of file transfer in Gmail Chat.


For now, file transfer works directly in the browser for iGoogle and orkut, allowing you to send files without saving them as attachments in email. It's also compatible with Google Talk software, so you can share with desktop users as well. It seems easy enough to use: once you've started a chat, just click on "Send a file..." in the "Actions" menu. The person on the other end of the line can then either accept or decline, depending on how they feel about you and the types of files you're inclined to send.

There's no word yet on a time frame for when all of this will apply to Gmail, just that it's in the works. They wouldn't tease us like this and leave us hanging, though, would they? Would they? I hate it when all those orkut users get to have something over me. [Official Google Blog via Read Write Web]



Google Chat could be so much more powerful with a little more development and marketing.

It already has video/audio chat, free sms texting, and Android integration. Add conference calls, file sharing, and implement it into more websites (Google Reader for example) and it would be very popular.