Go Running, Outrun the Cops, and Help a Frightened Ball

We have a problem in this country. We don't work out enough. I'm not saying we have to become fitness freaks, but a few walks around the neighborhood could help reverse the obesity trend. For fun, check out a free app that'll let you make a game of your workouts.


iOS: Highway2Hell - Free

Don't lie, you're already humming the AC/DC song. Outrun the cops in this Spy Hunter-esque top down car game. Collect power ups while forcing every other car on the road to wreck. Hey, you're not here to make friends. You're here to get say from the cops. But you can make friends with Game Center integration. Dropped from $1 to Free.[AppShopper]

iOS: runtastic PRO - Free

This winter has been kinda of meh. Too warm, not enough snow, weather personalities unable to use their new "Storm Watch" graphics. You might as well go outside and run. This GPS-enabled app tracks a user's path and gives feedback on how many calories they've burned. It even has workout mode that can tell you that you've burned off the equivalent of a pizza during a workout. That information is very important on Sunday morning. Dropped from $6 to Free. [DealMac]


iOS: Mystery Ball - Free

Help FRED the ball overcome his fears. Yup, a ball that's afraid of heights, time, and being touched. I'm not sure what happened to FRED before it ended up in this game, but it seems like there should be a Law and Order: SVU episode detailing his troubles. So help FRED because balls are people too. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Apps-aholic]


Android: Dashboard Assist PRO - $2


I can already see the comments, "Telling people to download apps that they use in the car is irresponsible." First off, shut up. Secondly, it's a logging app, you shouldn't be staring at it the whole time. And if you are the sort of person that can't help but use their phone the entire time they're driving, you shouldn't be driving in the first place. Anywho, the app tracks your time, milage, carbon footprint, acceleration, and turning. Perfect for data nerds. Dropped from $4 to $2. [Apps-aholic]

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