Gold "Supreme" PS3 Costs $319,000, Plus Your Dignity

Illustration for article titled Gold "Supreme" PS3 Costs $319,000, Plus Your Dignity

Was that $490,000 gold Wii on the wrong side of the allegiance for you? Thankfully Goldstriker's now offering a 22ct-gold-and-diamond-studded PS3, letting you take on the terrorists in MW2 the proper way.


Only three have been made, so you better get your skates on if the 1,600 grams of solid 22ct gold and 58 0.50ct diamonds-decorated console is just the living room accessory you've been after. Only £199,995 ($319,104)—a veritable steal in comparison to the Wii. But how much will the Xbox 360 version set us back, and can we get a refund when the inevitable RROD happens? [Stuart Hughes via Goldstriker]


It does look nice. Nonetheless, it startles me to think that for 10 times the average annual income of a lower middle class american you can blow your money on an object thats vale is only around a few hundred dollars. Sad actually.