Damore’s co-plaintiff in the lawsuit was allegedly terminated for harassing a Pakistani coworker. The suit itself is also full of conservative buzzwords like “ideological echo chamber” and “social justice.” Damore has made little secret of cozying up to donors on far-right platforms like WeSearchr, and he’s given interviews with alt-right provocateurs including Milo Yiannopoulos and Stefan Molyneux. So it’s possible his real interest is in using the opportunity provided by the high-profile suit to become a sort of conservative figurehead in the Silicon Valley debate.

While Damore has argued Google is stacked in favor of women and minorities, the U.S. Department of Labor thinks otherwise and in April 2017 investigated the company for allegedly paying female employees less than their male counterparts. Google also allegedly shut down pro-diversity discussions that became inconvenient or acrimonious, pushing engineer Cory Altheide to leave the company.


According to Recode, Pichai also told reporters that the company would have “no issues” with releasing female employees from nondisclosure agreements for the purposes of discussing issues like sexual harassment.