Google Chrome to Get Plug-ins, User Scripts Support

Illustration for article titled Google Chrome to Get Plug-ins, User Scripts Support

The one thing Google Chrome was missing that kept a lot of the Firefox faithful from making the switch was the browser's lack of add-on support. Well, that's set to change, according to Google engineer Ojan Vafai. Both add-ons and user scripts (á la Greasemonkey) will be supported in the near future. Currently, they're working on ensuring that plug-ins and add-ons keep the browser as stable as it is without them, but as soon as they get that worked out, look for them to come to Chrome, probably by the time it's out of beta. What do you think, will being able to get Adblock for Chrome motivate you to switch? Also, stop using Adblock, you jerks, ads pay my bills. [InformationWeek, image via]


people that use adblock are idiots. want the internet to remain free? deal with the ads, asshole. Wahhh... I won't want to see any banners.... waahh. Big fucking deal.