Google Denies G-Phone, Still Searching For G-Spot

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As expected, and despite «confirmation» by the apparently clueless and/or obviously too much in need of media attention Google Spain Chief (from now on, I officially declare Isabel Aguilera Miss Gizmodo Big Mouth of The Month), the GPhone doesn't exist.


At least according to Vint Cerf, Google chief Internet evangelist who has denied all rumors and has said that it's a complete no-no to the Sydney Morning Herald. According to Vint, Google is interested in mobile services, but not in hardware. Just applications, which to me seems perfectly logic: why limit yourself with the burden of a hardware device when your market power is all about being everywhere?

Google denies reports of iPhone rival [PC PRO]



"Miss Gizmodo Big Mouth of The Month"

That definately needs to be a ocntest for the title. And, even a Mr Giz big mouth. A monthly outspoken award on the commenting side of life here at gizo. Yay.