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Google Earth's Incredible 3D Tour of Every World Cup Stadium

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Like the rest of the world, Google Earth has its attention turned to the World Cup this week. The result: an amped-up 3D tour of every single stadium that will host the tournament's games.

We'd seen a similar demonstration of Google Earth's 3D mapping prowess when they took on New York City in April, but I think I prefer the topical approach here. The photorealism, the driving drumbeat; it's almost enough to make this uncultured American interested in soccer. Almost.


The highlight reel Google put together above is enough to satisfy my World Cuplust, but true devotees can explore each stadium in depth and at their leisure here. Got plans to watch USA-England on Saturday? Start with Royal Bafokeng Stadium. [Google SketchUp Blog]