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Google Field Trip Looks Like It Was Made for Glass (Because It Was)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Field Trip is Google's tour guide of a mobile app that automatically pushes you tips and information about your surroundings. It's now available for Google Glass Explorers, which is a very smart, near perfect use for the augmented reality specs.


In fact, it's so obvious that apparently Niantic Labs, which created Field Trip, originally designed the app for Glass in the first place. It's awesome that you could, for example, walk down the street and pass by the the Empire State Building and have a little blurb about its background pop up in your field of vision. Or maybe you're on a road trip and you're passing by a beautiful vista that Field Trip will recommend you stop to check out.

For a little look at how it would work for you, check out the video that Field Trip put together showing the app in action in a weekend in Napa. Field Trip is a great app on mobile, and it looks even better on Glass. [Field Trip via TechCrunch via CNET]