Google Glass Livestream App Makes Broadcasting Your Vision Even Easier

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The new Livestream app for Google Glass makes showing the entire world exactly what you're looking at easier than before. Though you've already been able to broadcast directly from the specs using Google Hangouts, the new app underscores what makes people most uncomfortable about Glass: It's creepy!

The new app does exactly what you'd expect it to, letting you pair your Glass with a Livestream event. The ccommand "OK Glass Livestream" starts your broadcast. Easy.


Google's been on the defensive about Glass recently, as people become increasingly concerned the video goggles are being used to record them against their will. While it's certainly not as big of a problem as some privacy advocates claim, there's something to the argument that we shouldn't assume everyone is ok with the fact Glass is basically specifically designed to broadcast what you're seeing to the world.

As with any new tech there are upsides and downsides. This new app makes clearer than ever that we need to confront the fact that one day we might all be wearing video cameras everywhere we go. Or, more to the point, that they might be pointed our direction. [Livestream via Engadget]