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Google Has Its Own Fleet of Airplanes to Map the World in 3D

Talking about what goes into its improved 3D maps, Google casually mentioned today that it uses a fleet of airplanes to repeatedly fly over cities, shooting photos at 45-degrees and from directly overhead. That's cool tech, and all, but, like, Google has its own damn fleet of airplanes.


The data from the planes is combined with data from satellite imagery to make the 3D models. Some of the planes are owned by Google, and the rest are under exclusive contract, but all are at Google's beck and call. For 3D maps, or, presumptively, for anything else Google wants to do. The majority of the data comes from the planes that are under contract, so the fleet is probably pretty diverse. And regardless, a fleet of Google-owned planes in the world is really, really cool. And possibly terrifying.


For the rest of Google's Maps news, follow along with our live coverage.

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I wonder if Google will send these Planes to disaster sites like after a Tornado or Hurricane. They could do very detailed before and after photos to help with the recovery. It would be great if 24-48 hours after a disaster. The government, non-profits and civilians could have access to this high detailed GIS information.