Google Is Shutting Down My Beloved Songza

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When Google bought streaming playlist service Songza last year, a spokesman promised that “no immediate changes” to Songza were planned, which is like saying “we still need to figure out how to dismantle and absorb it.”


Looks like Google figured it out: Songza is officially shutting down on January 31, 2016. Most of Songza’s features have already been ported over to Google Play Music, so this is the final step in the plan to fold theniche streaming service into Google’s excellent main music streaming offering.

Songza was never a major streaming player like Spotify, but in Canada—where Spotify took its sweet-ass time arriving—it gained a devoted following for its human-created playlists. (As a former Torontonian, I am one of the Songza Heads.) Now that Google Play is available north of the 49th parallel, Songza’s ready to fold into its parent company’s primary music app.

A moment of silence for Songza, the music streaming service with the greatest playlist name of all time: Vodka Escapades: Ladies Be Pre-gaming.

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There goes my free music service.... Canada gets the digital shaft again