Google Maps Update Lets You Measure Distances (or Aimlessly Doodle)

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Ever try measuring the straight-line distance between two points on Google Maps? You had to hold some object or appendage up to the little scale, then eyeball-measure the distance on your screen. What a mess. No more—a new update puts the task a right-click away. Also, you can doodle with it.

This new feature is so intuitive, it makes you wonder why it wasn't part of Version 1.0. But we're not here to complain, because we finally have it. You can add as many points as you want, and move those points around once you've dropped them, to make your drawing of a butt important distance measurements extra-accurate. The feature is ready-to-roll in New Google Maps; if you prefer Classic, you can still enable the feature from the Maps Labs link.


If you're bored at work, whip up a doodle and show it off in the comments below! [Google Maps via VentureBeat]