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Google’s .New Feature Makes Starting a Doc or Spreadsheet a Little Less Soul-Sucking

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you’ve long been a user of Google Docs, Google Sheets, or any other various G Suite tools, you may be familiar with the semi-arduous process of navigating to a document, sheet, form, or other file every time you need to start a new one. On the scale of things to find incredibly annoying, taking three extra seconds to open a new spreadsheet is pretty small potatoes. Even still, Google has kindly eliminated this multi-step process with the announcement of its recently unveiled “.new” domains.

This efficient shortcut, which the company announced in a Thursday tweet, will allow users to quickly navigate to a new file of their choosing directly from their URL bar. But what’s particularly neat about this new feature is that Google has seemingly accounted for anyone who may forget specific domain shortcuts by also including variations of the names of its tools. A new spreadsheet, for example, can be pulled up with the “.new” domain using the terms sheet, sheets, or spreadsheet. Google also noted that all of the files created through any of its “.new” domains will automatically be saved to Google Drive.


Here’s the full list of domains that can be used to pull up any of its productivity or collaboration tools:






As TechCrunch noted, since the announcement of Google’s “.new” shortcuts, users are already requesting similar shortcuts for Google Drawings, Gmail, and others.


Sure, in terms of efficiency, this will only save you seconds of navigation time. But it’s still a nifty shortcut for the avid G Suite user.