Google Says "Froyo is Not Optimized for Use on Tablets"

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With Google focusing Chrome OS on netbooks rather than tablets, their comments about Froyo not being suitable for tablets is a little puzzling. What would you suggest people use, Google? Donut, like ViewSonic's ViewPad 100?


Speaking to TechRadar, Google's director of products for mobile Hugo Barra explained that it all comes down to apps, and the way they work on tablets—or don't work. "The way Android Market works is it's not going to be available on tablets that don't allow devices and applications to run correctly."

He claimed that "the Galaxy Tab is kind of like a large phone," so presumably he approves of the way Froyo and its apps works on that device, due to the calling and texting facilities. Indeed, Dan Morrill, Android's Open Source & Compatibility Program Manager, tweeted last week when the Galaxy Tab was announced that he "got a pre-release "loaner" to test for compatibility & refused to give it back :)"

Barra believes that the onus is ultimately on manufacturers as to whether Froyo works well on their devices: "Which devices do, and which don't will be unit specific, but Froyo is not optimized for use on tablets."

We can look forward to Gingerbread and Honeycomb for tablets, however, with WP Hong from Samsung last week claiming that Honeycomb "will be used in the next generation tablet [for Samsung], as it is specifically optimized for different type of tablet, and will be used on another product only."


It's a clever move from Google, speaking out about how its products should be used. While Android is open source, and can be used by any manufacturer, ultimately if Google proclaims a version of Android unfit for a particular form factor, they're distancing themselves from a bad experience, and hopefully warding off any other manufacturers considering going down the same path. [TechRadar]


UPDATE: TechRadar has amended its quote regarding the Galaxy Tab being "kind of like a large phone."


Michael Scrip

So... Google, the maker of the OS, doesn't think Froyo should be used on the current (upcoming?) Android tablets. But the hardware manufacturers are going ahead with them. Talk about a disconnect.

If the first round of Android tablets can't get the blessing from Google... how will that affect the platform? Do Android app developers start making 1024x600 apps for tablets like the Galaxy Tab? Or do they wait for the "real" Android tablets with Gingerbread or Honeycomb?

Say what you want about Apple... but at least they have a plan for the hardware and the software experience.

(sorry to bring up Apple in an Android article... but you gotta see how Android might be out of control soon...)