Google Search, Beamr, and More

We might be doing things a little bit differently this week, but it doesn't mean we're skipping out on our usual round of the week's best iPhone apps.

Google Search: This app got a lot of love this week-Google updated it to include the Knowledge Graph, meaning you can speak it a question and it will respond with a direct answer. And it kicks Siri's butt. Free


Beamr: The problem with uploading your iPhone pics to Facebook? It scales down the quality by a lot. But Beamr lets your snaps hold onto all their precious pixels, and shares them to your social networks in a lovely magazine-style format. Free

Threadlife: Tell people about your life in endless videos, or threads. Continue to stitch them together along with collaborations from your friends, so the story never ends. Free

HowDo: How do you properly fold a burrito? Change a tire? You can find instructional videos on HowDo, and then turn around and pay it forward by uploading how-tos of your own. Free

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