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Google has set up a for-profit foundation dedicated to fighting poverty, disease and global warming. One of its goals will be to develop a 100mpg plug-in hybrid car engine that's a triple play of fuel-efficiency, running on ethanol, electricity and gasoline, or combinations of the three. The company will start out with a small fleet of cars, converting the engines inside to this new plug-in hybrid configuration.

One of the company's first problems: developing a battery that charges faster and holds more energy than current hybrid car batteries. If anybody can find a solution to this problem, it's Google. After all, the problem might take some searching, and Google is good at that, plus it has billions of dollars. Good luck, Google. Sounds to us like a nice way to blow a boatload of cash.


Googling a Hybrid: Search Giant's Charity to Develop Plug-in Hybrid [Jalopnik]