Google Uses Free Holiday Wi-Fi To Promote the Nexus One

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The Tweets are flying with reports that upon connecting to Google's free holiday Wi-Fi, people are getting redirected to Google's Nexus One page. Smart, sure. But is it fair play, or does this self-promotion spoil Google's charitable act?


Travelers are reporting that, in many airports, connecting to Google's free Wi-Fi redirects browsers to the Nexus One home page at Between the iPhone's ubiquity and the Droid's aggressive marketing campaign, Google has to think outside of the box to stay competitive in the smartphone market. Plenty of people took advantage of Google's generous offer this holiday season, and redirecting to the Nexus One page is a surefire way to raise awareness about the new phone.

This promo comes in addition to the Nexus One banner that was displayed under Google's search box when the phone launched earlier this week.

When Google displayed a Chrome banner on their homepage last month, we wondered if it could alter the course of the browser wars. Could their considerable influence change the status quo for smartphone advertising as well? As Google's empire continues to expand, this type of self-promotion seems inevitable. But does it leave a bad taste in your mouth? [TechCrunch]



Who uses the google search page any more? As an FF user (or any other browser with a search box), I haven't been there in years...seriously.