Google Wallet Looks Like It’s Getting a Physical Credit Card

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We've been hearing on and off that this might happen, but Android Police just got a pretty real-looking tip from a leaked build of the Google Wallet that seems to confirm it: Google Wallet is getting a physical credit card. But what does that actually mean?


According to the report, the card will use the default payment method for your Google Wallet account, and you can order it to your house right from the app. Which seems pretty convenient, and it's a nice way to route all your expenses through Google Wallet if you shop at a lot of places that don't have NFC (of course you do). Carrying just one credit card around would lighten up your wallet, too.

Wallet is also getting the ability to draw and withdraw money from a central fund, and transfers between users. Which is basically PayPal. Google Wallet is going to be PayPal, but with NFC and its own card (PayPay has its own debit card, but its NFC efforts have been pretty much comical). No word on when this will be out, but it looks interesting. [Android Police]



I would use this only if I could set up rules to charge certain expenses to a particular linked card. I would care about this for warranty and rewards purposes. For example, my Citibank card extends warranties on purchases. I would want to set a rule that purchases at BestBuy are charged to my Citibank card. Perhaps another card gives more rewards for gas, groceries, or restaurant charges. Have those things automatically credited to that card.