Google Wants to Eat Everything and Everyone

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This Google Monster was created by Asaf Hanuka for an article about groups protesting Google's plan to scan every book. I think it's the way many thinks about its insatiable hunger, including myself. Well, actually, I see it like this:

Illustration for article titled Google Wants to Eat Everything and Everyone

[Tropical Toxic via TheDW]

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Random, philosophical question:

Is our aggregate inability to deal with uber-complex, difficult-to-understand situations in a rational way, as a society, an inevitable result of an ever-more-complicated world, in which it's impossible for most of us to truly understand everything going on, or are we just getting lazy?

It just seems like the vast majority of our public discourse has to be polarized. Obviously, there are countless individual exceptions, plenty of those exceptions write for and comment on Gizmodo, but on the whole, it just seems like in order to be heard, you need to just pick a batshit-insane stance and shout about it... You can't take a neutral stance on politics, you have to be a flag-waving, tax-hating right-winger, or a lefty commie nutjob.

And the debates on Apple/Google/Microsoft, always tinged in irrational fanboyism, seem to be degenerating on aggregate.

You can't think Apple is OK, you need to either devote yourself to their products, or stick needles into your Steve Jobs voodoo doll. You can't enjoy Google's services but be wary of the ever-growing omniscience, you have to either give yourself, body and soul, to the cloud, or throw on your tinfoil hat and prepare for the multicolored tentacle rape.

I'm not sure this has anything to do with anything, and I'm sure this is a trend that's been going on for much longer than I've been alive. But even in the decade-and-a-half that I've been mature enough to recognize such trends, it certainly seems to be getting much, much worse.

I know it's not just me, there's enough of you who complain about this sort of thing... but is it just inevitable? Are we so specialized we can't hope to understand everything, at least to a point where we don't fear it coming in the night to kill out elderly? Or are we just lazy, self-righteous fuckbags?

edit: this is seriously not meant as an insult or indictment of anybody... at least not any specific person. I guess, if anything, it's meant as an insult and indictment to everybody (myself included).

/apologies for length

//shutting up now