Google's Nexus One May Be Coming on January 5th

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Reuters is reporting that, according to an unnamed source, the Nexus One may be subsidized by T-Mobile. A site called Android and Me is claiming that T-Mobile will sell it for $199 with contract, starting on January 5.


A January release date sounds reasonable based on what we know about the phone so far, and the information gleaned from the FCC details also makes T-Mobile a potential carrier, should Google take that route. A $199 subsidized price seems like the standard we are seeing elsewhere.

What I really want to know is how much this thing will cost without a contract. [HTC Source via Android and Me via ABCThanks, Steven!]



what I want to know is why T-Mobile is getting all the Android goodness, as well as Verizon, with absolutely ZERO LOVE for AT&T? i would go to t-mobile for this, except there's NO 3G coverage at all in my area. sigh