Google's Photo Service Might Finally Escape Google+

After Google just announced that it would be dropping the Google+ requirement for business videoconferencing this week, the search giant is planning to set loose its (fantastic) photo service, according to Bloomberg. If/when it does, you'll be able to take advantage of this pretty handy photo tool without any unwanted ties to Google+.

Google+ Photos has been a constantly evolving product with the introduction of new features like "auto album," background syncing capabilities, and simpler organization and editing tools within the last year. It's pretty great. The only downside is the part where it's shackled to Google+.


But now the fate of Google+ is still up in the air, especially after executive Vince Gundotra's departure in April. Google has also been somewhat silent on the future of Google+. It didn't even get a mention on this year's I/O Conference. It's almost certainly dead in the water. Fortunately the photo service will be moving on—with or without it. [Bloomberg]

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