Ever fancied sitting on the Iron Throne in the Baratheon line? Well, if you've got the hefty chunk of change wanted, you might be able to pretend that you can with this crown from Game of Thrones, from Profiles in History's upcoming Hollywood auction.

The massive auction, taking place October 17th-20th, has hundreds of lots on sale, including Robert's Crown from Game of Thrones' first season ($15,000), a Death Star II Turbolaser from Return of the Jedi ($20-30,000), Gandalf the White's Staff from The Two Towers and Return of the King ($25-50,000), Indiana Jones' Whip ($50-70,000), and even 250 scripts from Star Trek: The Next Generation from Jonathan Frakes' private collection ($6,000). Looking for something a bit more affordable? There's a maquette of the young Jabba the Hutt from The Phantom Menace that's only $3-5,000:



If you want to ogle at insanely expensive memorabilia that you'll probably never own, you can browse the auction's 600+ page catalogue here.

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