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Looks like LAPD cops are getting tired of chasing modern-day O. J.s up and down the freeways of Southern California. Someone came up with a great idea, the GPS Dart, a global positioning system embedded in a gummy substance that can be shot up to 60 feet from an air gun mounted to the radiator of a squad car.

Once one of these babies has been attached to a bad guy's car, the fuzz can sit back and watch him run away on their GPS screens, catching him at their leisure. Great for the cops and all the rest of us, but not good for the ratings of local TV newscasts. Guess it's back to covering a cat stuck up a tree for them. The new program, to be tested with just a few cars at first, will go a long way toward eliminating those murderously dangerous high-speed pursuits.


LAPD to test the use of GPS darts to end high speed chases [GPS Reviews and News]